Emily Sandoval

Graphic Designer


Case Study: Marianist Mission Emails

Client: Marianist Mission
Role: Design
Location: Beavercreek, OH

The Marianist Mission is a nonprofit organization that promotes the Catholic Church’s apostolic ministry, assists the spiritual development of their benefactors, and provides financial resources for the Marianist Brothers, Priests, and Sisters. The emails often promote their prayer and religious card ministry



One of the first things I did was look at the emails they previously sent out. I realized that those emails could do a much more effective job in connecting with donors. As a result, I researched what makes emails effective.

Moodboard and inspiration for emails

The next step was to design the email. I used the platform MailChimp. Based on my research, there were several things I did to make these emails more effective: implementing a distinct header, including the logo and social media links, use one large image that were relevant and that donors responded too, and display a call-to-action button.

A survey was sent out to donors regarding their experience with the Marianist Mission. People cared about prayers, the opportunity to send prayer intentions, and the ministries the Brothers and Sisters were involved in. As a result, I added buttons that led to prayer requests, ministry information, the donation page, and their website.

These are emails that I improved: